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Amy Whited

Advisory Board Member: Creative Advancement

A Bit About Amy

My name is Amy Whited and I grew up in LaGrange County. I graduated from Lakeland then headed to Indiana University in Bloomington to get my Bachelors of Science in teaching art, k-12. Out of college, I accepted a job at Lakeland Middle School and taught that age group for a long time. I am currently the Lakeland Intermediate School's art teacher. I teach 3rd-6th graders how to be creative, use their imagination and to experience a variety of media. As a child, I was very shy and I used my art to express myself. I felt very comfortable creating art compared to my other classes. I was lucky to have art teachers over the years that guided me in developing my skills. In turn, I want to do the same, and share my love of art with my students!

LaGrange County Arts will broaden the scope of recognizing the creative individuals in the visual, performing and literary artists, from the youth to the adults! I am so excited to be a part of this organization to create a place that shines on the arts in our county.  

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